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Catalytic Converters Fitting Advice

Fitting Advice - Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters can be extremely difficult to fit. The following advice may be of use when trying to fit your catalytic converter. 

1. Do not attempt to fit a catalytic converter unless you have experience doing so. Catalytic converters are expensive items and any mistake could be costly. 

2. Never use exhaust paste in front of the catalytic converter. 

3. Never hit a catalytic converter with hammer, mallet or chisel gun to try and force it into position. Doing so may fracture the monolith and invalidate the warranty. 

4. Use new fittings, such as gaskets nuts and bolts whenever possible. 

5. Always offer the catalytic converter up to the car to see if it will fit. If you feel your catalytic converter will need to be altered to enable installation contact our technical department as you may have the wrong item for your car. Any alterations made without the authorisation of the manufacturer may invalidate the warranty.